「Dragon Ball」 一覧

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods WCF Vol.3 Android 18 & Maron Figure

Android 18 & Maron

Dragon Ball Z Vol.2 014 World Collectable Bluma Figure Special Color Ver

2018/07/09   -World Collectable Figure


Dragon Ball HSCF High Spec Coloring Freeza Final Form Figure

Freeza Final Form

Dragon Ball Bunny Bulma Pichi Pichi GAL Figure White Color Version

2018/06/15   -Dragon Ball, Pichi Pichi Gal


Dragon Ball Capsule Diorama Figure Son Snow & Gokou


Dragon Ball HQ DX High Quality Freeza Third 3rd Form Figure

Freeza 3rd Form

Dragon Ball Z DXF Battle of Gods Beers Figure

2018/06/12   -Dragon Ball, DXF


Dragon Ball Kai High Spec Coloring SP 04 Broly Figure


Dragon Ball Kai High Spec Coloring SP 03 Vegeta Figure


Dragon Ball Capsule Diorama Bonus Parts Ending Scene Gohan Gokou Piccolo

Dragon Ball Capsule Diorama Figure Tenshinhan vs Tao Pie Pie

Tao Pie Pie

Dragon Ball SCultures Figure Colosseum 3 Android 18

Android 18

Dragon Ball Legend of Saiyan 09 Raditz Figure


Dragon Ball Creatures Vegeta Ohzaru Figure

2018/06/06   -Creatures, Dragon Ball

Vegeta Ohzaru

Dragon Ball KAI Legend of Saiyan DWC 24 Onion Figure


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